Beach Volleyball Tips

Are you wanting to learn how to play beach volleyball? Well before you step onto the sand you need to read my beach volleyball tips.Tip number 1 is that there is no tipping in beach volleyball, pun intended. You can’t open hand tip the ball and if you do it you will look like a complete nub. Every time I play with someone making the transition from indoor to outdoor they tip the ball almost immediately and then they get mad because they can’t rely on their cheap tips to win games. Sand volleyball takes more skill than indoor so have patience while you learn the game.Tip number 2 is that you can’t set the serve or any other free ball that isn’t hard driven. The actual rule is that you can set free balls but the set has to be perfect and if you are just starting beach volleyball your set will not be good. An indoor set is no good in the sand and will get called every time. If the serve comes at your head you have to make sure your hands are touching and then pop it off the palms of your hands.Tip number 3 is no side setting over the net. Pretty much any cheap indoor move is illegal in sand volleyball. If your set happens to go over the net you must be facing that exact direction.Please make sure you follow these 3 rules when playing sand volleyball so that you will look like you know what you’re doing.